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Dead Bad Kindle Edition

by George Dell (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

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Ben Neo does dirty work for Tommy Murphy. Take care of this guy, fix that problem. The kind of fixes that carry lengthy jail sentences. On the side he picks up strays and teaches them the tricks of his trade. Nikki Moore and Ed Reiser are his latest trainees. Carlos Sanchez works for Jefferson Prescott, the largest illegal drug smuggler in the Americas. Jefferson has put him in charge of the biggest drug deal he has ever done, but Carlos has a few bad habits, including Lita, Jefferson’s daughter. Daryl Jones and Danny Gaynor were hired by Carlos to deliver the drugs, but curiosity got the best of them. They took a look at what they were transporting and decided they should negotiate a better deal, and just maybe they should keep a little for themselves. Jimmy West handles the less savory work for Tommy Murphy. Wet work. When things go really bad Jimmy is Tommy’s go to guy. He knows Jimmy will do whatever it takes to get to the answers he needs, including murder. David Cross is stuck in the slow lane. Nowhere job, nowhere life, until one early morning when millions of dollars in drugs and cash fall into his lap. When Tommy Murphy and Jefferson Prescott send their hired killers to find the missing drugs and cash. David goes on the run with a beautiful young woman and the chase begins… A fast action packed page turner.

George Dell

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Dead Bad

Copyright George Dell 2014

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“Oh yeah, it’s a match,” Don said. He showed Sammy the two thumbprints.

“But I thought we wouldn’t know until Monday afternoon at the earliest?” Sammy said.

“Technically, officially we won’t. I just suspected it was the kid. He did time so I pulled his card. The prints match, but I’m not a qualified expert, so we have to wait officially until they give us the word on Monday,” Don said.

“So we still can’t do anything this weekend?” Sammy said.

“Might give us a little leverage,” Don said. He walked across the garage and returned the fingerprint to a tech. 

“Got our guy?” the tech asked.

“A strong possibility,” Don said. “Very strong. I’d like you to keep that between us… Chain of custody… Don’t wanna fuck with that shit,” Don said.

“Hell no,” the tech said. “That would be my ass.” He walked away and then came back. “Same print on the trunk lid too…  Glad it helped… It did help, right?” he asked.

“It did,” Don said in a low voice. “And thanks.”

“So now we know why he needed the keys, to check the trunk,” Sammy said.

Don nodded… “Want to go rattle his cage a little?” he asked.

“I do. And I’m wondering why our witness didn’t see him do it?” Sammy said.

“Easy,” Don said. “The car was out of sight at the back of the trailer.”

“Probably,” Sammy agreed. “But, I want to hear her say that.  What was her name anyway, Ali… Amy… Something like that.”

“April,” Don supplied before Sammy could look it up in his notebook. “Yeah, April like the month. Why does someone name their daughter something like that? Or Brandy, or Misty, you just know every guy in school is gonna be banging her,” Don said.

“Banging the shit right out of her,” Sammy agreed. They both laughed.

“Let’s go,” Don said. They headed out of the garage into the late afternoon sunlight. It was fall and even with the strong sunlight there wasn’t a lot of warmth in the air.

“I fucking hate fall,” Sammy said. 

“And winter soon,” Don said. He unlocked the car: Leaned across to unlock the passenger side; started the car and pulled out of the lot.


They drove over to the West side of the city. April followed as David searched for an abandoned piece of property. The problem wasn’t finding one, the problem was finding one that wasn’t already being used by drug dealers or that had a place to pull behind it. He found one by an abandoned apartment house on a side street and pulled behind it. April pulled in behind him.

“This makes the trailer park looked like high class,” she said.

“We better hurry before we attract a crowd,” David said. They transferred everything to the Jeep in just a few minutes, and then David used a screwdriver to take the plates off the truck.  He emptied the glove box and behind the seat, then used a hammer to smash one corner out of the windshield and a pair of pliers along with a screwdriver to remove the VIN plate.

He had no doubt the truck would be gone ten minutes after they were gone, but once it did turn up, if it ever did, it would be hard to trace without the VIN plate. There were other areas, motor, frame, but usually no tow yard was going to go through the trouble of checking. They’d tow it in and store it in the yard and eventually auction it off. Even then it would probably go for parts so there would be no need to find the VIN and run it through DMV.

Most likely one of the several pair of eye’s watching them would steal it and keep it for themselves. He left the key in the switch. As they were leaving three guys were walking down the block toward the house. Or at least it seemed that way to David. They stopped and flipped off the Jeep as they rode by them, then they ran down to the house. Before they had turned off the block David saw the nose of the truck poke out of the driveway.

“Better get us away quicker, April. Make a few fast turns.  Those guys might chase us with our own truck,” David said.

April took the next left then a right and another quick left and they popped out on Genesee Street. David looked, but he didn’t see his truck anywhere.

“Looks good,” he managed before something hit them from behind. He nearly broke his neck getting turned around only to see it was his own truck with the three guys driving.

“Can you drive this hard?” David asked. “If not we’re going to have to find a way to switch.”

April dropped the drive letter into low and floored the Jeep.  She shot around a line of traffic swerving out into the oncoming lanes, then skidded into a hard left and shot down a side street. Instead of slowing she kept the Commander floored and ran the next several blocks flat out. Checking in mirrors as she left the truck behind.

She slowed just enough to make a slight curve and then sped up again. She locked up the brakes halfway down the block to make a fast right. She drove hard for the next three blocks, and then made a left. The truck was nowhere in sight, but she made another fast right before she slowed down.

She cursed under her breath. It was a dead end street, mostly abandoned properties. She got the truck turned around and headed back. Halfway down the block David’s truck shot across the mouth of the street, and she could hear the tires scream as the driver locked up the brakes. She made the next intersection and headed back the way they had come.

She floored the truck again and blew by a half dozen two way stop sign intersections that bisected the street they were traveling on. She finally locked up the brakes again and slid the Jeep into a left and they were coming up on Genesee Street once more.

April skirted a small line of cars waiting at the red light and slid out into the street, tires smoking.

She punched the gas hard and got the Jeep two streets down before she turned again and shot up two blocks and then made a right onto a side street.

“Christ,” David said as she flew by a stopped dump truck and he heard something scrape down the entire passenger side of the Jeep. “You’re gonna get us killed!”

“Those guys are gonna get us killed,” she said as behind her the pickup truck swung out around the dump truck and then sideswiped a car parked nearby before the driver got it straightened out again.

They were driving into one of the more run down areas and she made a quick left and then another quick left trying to lose them on the narrow short streets. David reached forward and pulled one of the flat black 9 MM guns from the glove box, flipped off the safety and laid it on the seat top. He looked at April who snatched it up and dropped it into her lap.

David took a second gun out and got it ready.

“Fuck,” April said.  “Dead end!  Dead end again!

“Fuck it, get it turned around,” David yelled.

April floored it, jumped the curb and tore up the front yard of the house before turning around. She came back down onto the street, slammed the gearshift into park and jumped out of the truck.

“What the fuck are you doing?” David Screamed. He jumped out of the truck. He could hear his own truck, engine screaming as it came. April stopped and then raised the pistol. David stared at her incredulously for second and then lifted his own gun.

The truck came screaming down the other street, saw them and locked up their brakes. April opened up, and David fell in with her. The driver got the truck turned toward them, floored it and then the windshield blew apart.

One of the guys on the passenger side leaned out with a pistol and opened up on them, but he was shooting wild. David was surprised at his own calm as he turned, took careful aim and then fired at the side of the truck. The pistol fell from the guy’s hand and then both of them had to jump out of the way to miss the truck as it roared by them and cannoned down the street.

The truck continued a half block before it jumped the curb and plowed into a house. April and David were up and scrambling for the Jeep even as flames begin to shoot up from the house and the wreckage of the truck.

David ran for the truck only to find a young guy sprinting for the Jeep.… He saw David and April and let his pistol drop to the ground.

Don’t… Don’t… Don’t shoot me,” the kid yelled. He stood a frightened look in his eyes as blood dripped down one side of his face. His breath came in ragged gasps.

David ignored him, jumped into the truck just behind April and slammed the door.

April gunned the engine and ran hard for about ten blocks, then slowed, working her way to the outskirts of the city on the back streets, finally pulling into a huge mall parking lot and parking in the first spot she found.

“That was fucking crazy,” David said. He was still breathing hard.

April nodded and then burst into tears…

Dead Bad Kindle Edition

by George Dell (Author) Format: Kindle Edition

5.0 5.0 out of 5 stars 
  1 rating

See all formats and editions


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