Dell 12-18-23

Walmart: We went out to start the Van three days bac and it had a dead battery. Turns out the ground was loose and so it wasn’t properly charging. Funny, we just had winter tires put on at Walmart, an Oil change and the Van winterized. Guess they missed it.
So, I thought, okay, I’ll buy a new battery, just to be safe, and I looked up one on Walmart, it said it was in stock, and ordered it and they said it would be delivered the same day. Three days ago. It never showed up and the next it changed from preparing to order placed and stayed there. Yesterday I called and they said there was a delay, and it would be delivered within two days.
Today I called again since the order had changed to delayed and stayed there for all three days. No email, no notifications of any kind, and of course no battery.
Today they told me the store did not have the battery at all. My option was to cancel it and since I had no choice I did.
So, like an idiot I went back to Walmart online and ordered a battery charger/booster so I could at least get the damn thing started and get somewhere where I could buy a battery if needed. Walmart had three in stock, and I said to allow a replacement if needed, so that should solve it. I paid for express to get it quick as we have now been without a car for 3 days, and so, it was set to show up in an hour. In about 10 minutes I reloaded the page and Walmart informed me they were out of the chargers and all replacements for it and so it would be shipped if they could find a store that had one.
Another customer service call and I was told I could not cancel it until the hour was up. I waited, called again and canceled it. They gave me a 2 dollar refund. What? Where’s the other fifty.
It ended up that they had no solution. They agreed to refund ne within five working days. So, I am out about 150.00 and still can’t start the Van. So I went to eBay and ordered the same charger/booster for under fifty bucks delivered and it will be here eventually.
Lesson? Big corporations do not care about you, also Walmart sucks, and so do their employees who don’t bother to do their jobs by at least notifying you when something doesn’t go right. I removed all my credit-cards, and I am done with Walmart.

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