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America The Dead episode five

EARTH’S SURVIVOR’S AMERICA the DEAD: BOOK ONE Based on the series by W. G. Sweet Episode 5 PUBLISHED BY independAntwriters Publishing AMERICA the DEAD: BOOK ONE Copyright © 2013 by independAntwriters All Rights Reserved Writers: W.W. Watson, Geo Dell, W.G. Sweet, G.D. Smitty This book, in this blog format, is licensed for your personal enjoyment […]

A little humor and some book links for you

A little humor… Okay. Well, today is Saturday and it is time for the test results from last weeks test. As you don’t know, because my secretary didn’t send it out, I have been doing a test to prove or disprove the theory that you can think yourself thin. Of course my secretary is Houdini, […]

Earth’s Survivors free post from Dell Sweet and Geo Dell

EARTH’S SURVIVORS POST Posted by Dell Good morning and welcome. Hope it’s a great day for you and the weekend that is coming. Enjoy this free Earth’s Survivors upload! Dell Sweet…   EARTH’S SURVIVORS Earth’s Survivors is copyright © 2016 Dell Sweet. All rights foreign and domestic reserved in their entirety. Cover Art © Copyright 2016 […]

America The Dead Survivor Stories from W G Sweet

AMERICA THE DEAD SURVIVOR STORIES America The Dead Survivor Stories By W. G. Sweet These books came from requests for Earth’s Survivors books that dealt only with single groups of survivors, unlike the Earth’s Survivors books that follow many survivors. All are double books. These stories are also written so that they can stand alone… […]


THE ZOMBIE PLAGUES ON SMASHWORDS By Geo Dell The Original Zombie plagues series. The five books that made up the series and the original cast. The Zombie Plagues   The Zombie Plagues Book One by Geo Dell Series: The Zombie Plagues, Book 1 · Free eBooks. Price: Free! Words: 73,100. Language: English. Published: September 14, […]

Earth’s Survivors Paperback and digital links

Earth’s Survivors Paperback Versions Paperback Links: Apocalypse Rising from the ashes The Nation Home in the Valley Plague Watertown World Order Earth’s Survivors eBooks  EARTH’S SURVIVORS APOCALYPSE: Published: January 30, 2015 by independAntwriters Publishing. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Science fiction » Apocalyptic Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. […]

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