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The Bone Clan

The battle lasted for hours, leaving behind a trail of blood and destruction. When it was finally over, only a handful of warriors remained… #CroMagnon #Denisovan #Neanderthal #Paleolithic #PreHistory #Readers #BookLovers 

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The Zombie Plagues: Return

Series: The Zombie Plagues, Book 6. Price: $0.99 USD. (Free until Jan. 1, 2024!) Words: 85,210. Language: English. Published: August 31, 2021 by Writerz. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Undead, Fiction » Science fiction » Apocalyptic

The Nation: The valley is safety, and one of the few places in the world where it can be found. But eventually the outside will beckon, and it has. The Nation alone can not supply what the growing population needs, and so a trip to the outside is planned, and in this book enacted…Marked down to FREE!Get it free during the Smashwords Winter sale::

Connected: Sanger Road

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Sanger Road: An explosive morning on a dead end road is about to change Billy Jingo’s life forever. April Evans is a young woman living a dead end life, the same as Billy. They are thrown together and find themselves in a set of circumstances neither could ever have predicted. Murder, hired killers, cash and drugs are all in the mix. Soon April and Billy find themselves on the run for their lives…

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The Wastelands: Zero

Series:The Wastelands, Book 1by Phrophet X

Rising from death to life. The end of life no longer means the actual end. Now it means the beginning of death. A new type of life. A hunger machine searching for sustenance among the living…

The hand was mangled. It looked chewed, a finger missing, maybe an accident with a dog, his mind supplied. Accidents with dogs happened. He watched the little boy stumble along. The arm a grotesque parody of a real arm, swinging freely from its shoulder socket. Their eyes met a moment later, but it was already too late for the little boy. Roux had used his hands to prop his knees so he could stand. A second of standing had told him he could walk, and a single limping step had told him he could walk well enough. It had probably been the standing, his mind supplied now. His feet scraping on the loose gravel at the side of the street. His one ruined leg dragging slightly…

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The Wastelands: One

Series:The Wastelands, Book 2by Phrophet X

A plague begins to take over the world. This book traces its path; where it came from, where it is going, what it is doing….

Andrea Zurita was a young woman, there seemed no reason for her sudden illness and death, but there were things that should be done and so the local Mirukus, shaman had come. A few words, prayers, the shaman was a transplanted Haitian: They understood most of what he said, but not everything. He had left and they had prepared her for burial. She was washed and dressed in a plain white cotton dress. The second day came and the family came to call, leaving their wishes where she lay in her grandmother’s home. The third day came and the burial was coming. Cousins, men who worked in a neighboring village were on the way to open the grave. That was when Andrea had sat up and vomited blood…

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The Wastelands: Two

Series:The Wastelands, Book 3by Phrophet X

Surviviors of the apocalypse are drawing nearer to one another, but the dead are growing and they have a leader….

A blur farther along the line of buildings caught his attention, and he watched as another woman, also dead – he could tell from the way her skin stretched too tightly across her face, the way her bones protruded through that skin in places – stepped out into the moonlight and faced the first woman. Before he could fully grasp what was happening, the first woman screamed and then launched herself at the other one. The man stumbled back, backed into the alley wall where he stood watching in fear.

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