A Minor Acoustic – Original Audio


I don’t know anything I thought I knew… It’s like my life was stuck in A Minor or something…

Instrumental——–Pick up main———————————————————-

Verse One:

I spend most of my time filling the holes in my head. Sitting in this cell thinking about the life I’ve led. It’s all free food and therapy, but I may as well pay for something I can see…

This room has a view but all I really wanna do is talk to you… It’s been so long… How could that be wrong?


Everything we had was based on sex money and lies. When you left you took it all… Nothing to keep but alibis…

Bridge One:

What I kept don’t amount to much, but I was never fixed in this world anyway… I’m just sitting here waiting on a bus for the next… May as well take my time, I got… Plenty of it… Sometimes it runs late… But I ain’t entertaining offers while I wait.

Hook One:

I could never tell you nothin’ real. It was all about me all of the time.

It was easier to hide the way I feel, like you were talking on my dime.

I used to believe it was easier to hold it all inside…

I never gave you anything… And I know how hard you tried…

Instrumental———————–Into Verse Two——————————————

Verse Two:


I Just want to make this right before I go. Pay my bill or at least knock it down, I don’t know. I wish I could set you free from what I’ve done, but I figured it out, you ain’t the only one…


That bus is still running behind and sometimes I get so tired of standing here looking stupid…


What the hell am I hoping to find… Anyway…

Bridge Two:


Thought about hoping a train… Getting there quicker… But thinking like that only makes me sicker… It’s like my life is stuck in A Minor or something… I don’t know what to do about it, but I know I gotta do something…

Hook Two:

So maybe I could tell you something real… It’s a hell of a deal…

But I can’t hide myself inside.. I need something to call mine…

If we never really had it, what was it we pretended?

Was it over long before us or only started once it ended?

Instrumental———–Finger picked back to Verse Structure———————–

Verse Three:

Anyway, I just had to write this out… Learn to walk before I fall again. I’ve been working on living, cleaning up some of this sin, but I don’t know… What’s the use in being me if what I was is all you see? Where’s the good in change if the world’s still strange? It’s like I’m still stuck in A Minor or something… I don’t know what to do about it, but I know I’ve got to do something.

Bridge Three:

Can’t stand up… Keep falling down… And the little ball keeps spinning around

Livin’ my life in blue… … …

Tell me what I can do…?

Hook Three:

But I could never tell you nothin’ real… And I ain’t sayin’ nothin new…

It was easier to hide the way I feel… Can you see it the same way too?

If we never really had it, what was it you pretended…

Tell me, how long will it be ’til this broken life is ended…?


I don’t know anything I thought I knew… I don’t know… I don’t know anything I thought I knew…

Instrumental———-Finger picked to stop————————————————-

Principal Chords:

Written In C Major Played from A Minor. Instrumental piece…

Am= Am – A4th – Am – A9th +7th – Am = 8 beats

Dm= Dm – D4th – Dm – D9th +7th -Dm = 8 beats


Am G Dm F Fma7th Am G Dm Am Dm Am


Dm Am Dm Am


C G Dm F Fma7th C G Am F FMa7th C G Am F FMa7th C G Am F Fma7th C


G Am F FMa7th C G Am F Fma7th Am G Dm

Or Alt

C G Dm F Fma7th C G Dm F Fma7th C G Am F Fma7th Am

Why I Wrote It:

This is the first song I ever wrote. It was written at Clinton Correctional Facility Annex around October 1st 2006.

I was teaching a music class and one of the students thought we should write our own songs to perform at the coming Christmas show. I was reluctant but once I got going enthusiastic. As it turned out I was the only one who actually wrote a song, and the only one who actually performed. Since then I haven’t stopped writing. Over one thousand sets of Lyrics, not all good, but several that I like, and over eighteen manuscripts, some fiction some non fiction, three plays six or seven journals. It was like unlocking a door that had been closed for over thirty five years at that point. It just came out.

I have about a hundred songs that I really like. They will end up in this database over the next few years. I’ll begin publishing the manuscripts in just a few months. I’m starting with a series.

This song is about my life before prison. What changed inside of me in prison because of the people I came in contact with, and because I was tired of being me. Also I was sober. Something I had not been for over thirty years at the time I came to prison in 2002. There is music for these lyrics. I’m writing this in October of 2012 as a free man after ten years in prison.

Yes it’s very long, about nine to eleven minuets depending on the instrumentals. It should be here somewhere recorded as should the sheet music…

Home: https://www.writerz.net

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