Notes from the Edge 02-11-24

Good afternoon

It’s been strange watching this snow come down for the last several days. It has been a long time since New York has seen this kind of accumulation. I can look out my office window and see snow level with the bottom of the frame, and rising as it feathers out from the wind. Crazy.

There is over two feet on the level, the plow truck the keeps us cleared out has pushed a pile almost as high as the roof, and last night it turned to rain, and now we have up to fifteen more inches coming today.

It has nearly swallowed my tumble down shed; which is a derelict building, but it looks awesome in images, even here with snow drifted four feet up the front.

Ice hanging, dripping and the snow is beginning to fall already.

We are doing new episodes of America the Dead. If you like them, leave a comment, tell a friend, or do both!

We have just begun to do a podcast based on the StarDancer book. Space travel. Get it at Amazon.

I will get the first episode up tomorrow. Feedback is appreciated. NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island, Queens, and other places near the coast got blasted. I am about 370 miles away from that, at the top of the state and I got blasted, even though less than they did.

What am I doing? I am adding ways to buy the Earth’s Survivors and GuitarWorks books. In the coming days I will be adding links to purchase the other eBook series. I am using PayPal, security, so you can trust you get what you pay for, and eventually I should have all of them loaded and available for you.

The Nation Chronicle books that match the Podcast series are available at amazon. You can get Paperback, eBook and you can get them in the US, UK, CA and AU. Here is my Amazon Author page and links to the books that are available on Amazon.

I am working on getting healthy, battling an insurance company that screws me over every month or so. I have never actually experienced a fair insurance company. I have seen commercials, and they seem so nice: Go ahead, drive that Porsche into a pool, you’re covered! Your house burned down? We’ll look into it, maybe not as quick as you would like, but we will, and maybe we’ll get back to you, maybe not. And when it comes to health care, wow. Hopefully you will not have to deal with it, or if you are, advocate for yourself. Be firm, make sense, research what you are saying, and if you can’t get anywhere else? Notify the Attorney General of your state. Believe me, once the insurance company gets an inquiry from the Attorney General’s office concerning you, they will get their heads out of their asses and do something.

Okay, I am not a complainer, we’ve all been through a rough year, and it isn’t over yet. And I know everyone has their own horror stories.

Other than books and podcasts I am narrowing down my focus on the world and what is and what isn’t important. It is what you do, keep going forward. What is forward? Good question, no one knows, even if someone tells you they know how this will all turn out? Full of it. I have never met anyone who can really predict the future. Look at your world, circumstances, and do what you have to do for you.

You might also have noticed that I killed all social media, well, nearly all. I have hated Facebook for years, and the way they control what you can say and do, spam your mail in-box daily, and subject their views on you. Really? Yes, by censoring everything you see. Selling your information. I am not a conspiracy theorist, just speaking what the truth is, not what it appears to be, but what it is.

So I killed most of my business pages and both my personal and business profile. I like Instagram, but when I shut down my FB pages Facebook severed my Instagram. It took several days to get back, and working, but it is. Didn’t know Facebook owned Instagram? They do. Just like the principal shareholders of Twitter are Facebook, Google and other billionaires that want to keep a lid on things. Control.

So, not a conspiracy theorist, just a once popular author who pulled the plugs, because if I say this is how I feel I should back it up with actions.

I tried MeWe. And I have no complaints, they did not bombard me with spam, or opinions, etc, however they have a ton of radicals there. Some of the people who use the service are definitely on the radical side, and I am not, and don’t want to be confused as being part of them. So I closed my MeWe pages: Again, if I say it, I should back it with actions.

That is it.

That is it, except my Amazon Author Page Suggestions? Feedback? Otherwise, I stumble along blind. A free story below!  Enjoy, and please leave feedback…

Hope it isn’t snowing where you are, stay safe, Dell.

Dreamer’s Worlds

Copyright Dell Sweet

Licensed to this blog only. If you want someone to read it please point them to this blog.

I found my entrance. A fake shop. A small junk shop grafted onto the side of the building. It was so obvious I wondered why the owners of the building never took it away.  Discovered it. But at that time, I didn’t know all there was to know, even though I had been there several times.

I slipped into the small shop, made the shaky, old wooden steps, and found myself in the attic area where I could cross over into the main building. I wasn’t there more than a few minutes before I was discovered, and the alarms began to sound. The chase was on once again.

The chase is always the same. I always get away. I think the idea is to scare me to run to where they want me to run.  Because, after the chase I’m really lost. Lost and there is not much chance of getting out quickly. They have me. They can burn up my time.  I believe that’s the real goal.

It’s the machinery that impresses me as I run.  Huge machines.  Stories high. Loud. Sucking the life from the river. From the trucks. What’s in those trucks, I always wonder? I never have an answer. I still don’t have all the answers, but I believe I’m beginning to get some of them.

As I run, I see that the machinery changes: It evolves every time. Changes, reshapes itself. It comes closer and closer to what it really is. I can almost see it. At least I see enough to know that the purpose I see is not its true purpose. Not what it really is. A metal and brick Frankenstein come to life.  Waiting for the electrical storm that will supply the life force it needs to become its own creation. It is sometimes something else. It means something else. That is what I mean to convey to you.

I ran. I run every time. The machinery changes every time. This time I caught a glimpse of reality. At least I think I did. A dump truck backed up to a large hopper that fed directly into the machine. I caught a glimpse, a very fleeting glimpse as the truck box lifted, the tarp rippled and whatever was under the tarp began to flood into the hopper. A hand. A human hand grasped at the top of the hopper. A split second. That was it.  No time to slow down to see it more clearly. If I stopped, they’d have me, so there was no stopping. And what could I do?  Whatever I might be able to do would have to come later: After I thought about it. Right now, escape was the important thing. I have been caught before. Not in this place but other places. If they catch you, they kill you, or they jail you. I’m not sure which is real. Either, I have become convinced, can kill you. I’ve seen it happen.

I ran for all I was worth and found my way out of the building ending up alongside the river. Walking the rock ledges beside the water. There was never any way to get to the top. It was nearly straight up.

I had no choice but to follow the ledges that bordered the river until it opened up. That would bring me to locust street. It always did. And locust street was always changing. At times it was just a rundown neighborhood. No one cared if I came or went. They watched me. Knew I was there.  But it seemed to me that they had their own problems to deal with. And I realized after several trips there that very many of them were like me. Dreamers. Only dreaming wasn’t really what it was, was it? No. Dreaming was what it had started out as. But dreaming as most people see it, and dreaming the way I see it, the way I was raised to see it, the way some of my Native American Brothers and Sisters saw it, was a different proposition.

Dreaming was not just closing your eyes and re-living your day, hopes, life, things your subconscious wanted to show you. Fears, who knows what else. I dream too. But I mean dream. A different reality. A place where real things happen.  In real worlds. With real people. There are places where the peoples never lost control of their world. Places where the old ways still hold. Places where not much of anything makes any kind of real sense. Places where other people rule. And this place. The land of shadows. The place that it takes two to make real and no more. Any two create and it becomes real.  After it becomes, it exists. After it exists it can kill you as easily as anything that is real can…

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