Newly Arrived Paperback book links

Newly Arrived Paperback book links

Earth’s Survivors Collection One #Books End of the world fiction from the mind of Dell Sweet

Earth’s Survivors Collection Two #Paperback End of the world fiction from author Dell Sweet

Paperbacks, eBooks, all the books Dell Sweet has published: Amazon Central, the author place #Amazon

The Legend of Sparrow. #Fantasy  Follow the beautiful Laura as she travels to the city of the dead…

Life Stories: Beth. Beth comes from Los Angeles in the first days of the Apocalypse… #Undead

Life Stories: Bear. Bear makes his way out of New York amidst the death and destruction #Zombies

Connected: Dello Green. Dello Green is a #Killer. Jimmy West is also a killer. They are on different sides…

Connected: Sanger Road. Carl finds a world where anything is possible if you are willing to risk everything #Crime

eBook versions can be found at these sellers: iTunes | Nook | Kobo | Smashwords

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