In The Moonlight:

In The Bathtub Again


The water was perfect, I thought, maybe a little too perfect… It was
putting me to sleep.

I rested my head against the rim of the tub and drifted. It really was
relaxing me. I tried to follow that thought, but found that I couldn’t. My
eyelids felt heavy. Too heavy. Heavier than normal… Weighted. It took so much
effort to open them.

I tried to focus my thoughts, but every time I opened my eyes the bathroom
swam in and out of focus and I had to shut them once more. As I tried to make
sense of it a face swam into view, it panicked me, but even so there was no
physical reaction from me at all. Even the panic I felt seemed removed. Aloof.
Panic felt by a disinterested party. Like it was a reaction that belonged to someone
else instead of my own.

“Hey,” he said. A young guy. Unshaven. Wild hair. I could smell the street
on him.

His teeth were yellowed and chipped. Looked to be blackening in places I
saw. His tongue continuously licked at his cracked lips. I couldn’t speak.
Wouldn’t have known what to say if I had been able to, and I was having a very
hard time keeping my eyes open. The lights were too bright.

“Hey,” he said again. “I didn’t know you would be naked… In a bath tub…
He didn’t say that… I’m sorry…. I really am sorry.” His hand swam into view
as I watched. Normal except a black lump seemed to be fused to it. A black lump
with a blacker hole in the end of it. Fire spat from the blacker hole. The
lights went out… #Scifi #Fantasy #Horror #Mythology #SamWolfe

Author: Dello

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