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The ancient clan in prehistoric Europe, 85,000 years ago, faced a devastating attack that forced them out of their high stone shelter. With many losses, particularly among the young and elderly… #PreHistory #CavePeoples #Readers #HistoricalFiction #WGSweet #Paleolithic

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As the sun rose on a new day, strong winds swept through the clouds, while the area surrounding the marsh remained covered in a warm mist that carried the scent of blossoms. The marsh water, adorned with algae, waterlilies, and pale reeds, mirrored the turquoise sky above. Slowly, the dawn revealed itself, shedding its red hues and allowing the bold sun to take its place. Sunlight illuminated the lagoons, painting them in shades of sulfur, beryl, and pink mother-of-pearl.

The Clan, facing the receding dawn and feeling the comforting warmth of the sun on their faces, experienced a sense of almost mystical connection within their souls. This same spirit inspired the birds to sing amidst the swaying savannah grasses and marsh willows. However, despite the promise of a new day, the wounded among them found little relief and groaned with thirst. A fallen warrior lay sprawled in the grass, his bloated limbs turning blue with decay. While the others slept, a nocturnal predator had devoured his face.

Tet stumbled through incoherent apologies and prayers for the deceased, and Druark ordered the body to be thrown into the water.

The attention of the horde then shifted to the Fire-Seekers, Vorv and Ghad, who were preparing to depart. They carried a club, an axe, a willow-wood harpoon with a sharpened tip, and a spear with a stone head. Ghad, relying on cunning rather than brute strength, enlisted the help of two young and agile men, Jezull and Roog, who possessed remarkable endurance for long-distance running. Although relatively untested, they were strong warriors with impressive stamina. Each of them also carried an axe and a spear. Ghad inspected the oak club he had selected—a rough-hewn branch that had been trimmed and hardened in the Fire. He favored this weapon above all others, even when facing formidable carnivores.

Druark initially spoke to the Aurochs, addressing the order in which they would choose their paths. He stated that Vorv, who saw the sunlight before the son of the Leopard, would have the first choice. If Vorv chose to go to the Two Rivers, Ghad would then turn towards the marshes and the setting sun. Conversely, if Vorv chose the swamps, Ghad would go to the Two Rivers.

The brute protested, claiming that Vorv did not yet know his way and that he sought Fire. He argued that Vorv could go to the river in the morning and to the swamp in the evening. He compared this to a hunter following a boar, who does not know where he will kill it.

Tet supported Vorv’s ability to change course later, backed by the murmurs of the horde. He argued that Vorv could not search for the setting sun and the Two Rivers simultaneously, and therefore, he should be allowed to choose.

Deep down, Vorv understood that he should stand up to the chief, but he chose not to arouse Ghad’s distrust. Instead, he declared that he would go to the setting sun, turning his wolf-like gaze towards the crowd. With a sudden sign to his brothers, he set off along the marsh…Get it!


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