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Posted by Dell 12-21-23 3:21 A.M.

Well here it is 2023 nearly finished, and it doesn’t look any different than 2022 did. Same politicians with the same promises, same clouds in the sky, same snow on the ground, same Turkeys trying to eat my Fred cat.

I know it sounds funny but it isn’t. As you probably didn’t know we’re out here in the boondocks, well, the lesser boondocks, okay, the suburbs of the boondocks. There are some woods here, okay? The turkeys live in the woods, and that’s fine. That’s fine because Fred lives in the house. No problem, except Fred was converted from a do whatever she wanted to cat to a live in the house cat and that means that sometimes Fred gets the urge to go out into the wilds of the back yard and look around. That brings Fred into conflict with the Turkeys.

When Fred and I were just getting to know each other, she decided to impress me. So, every day for about three weeks Fred would bring me a semi dead something. Bird, Squirrel, mouse, you get the idea. Then Fred decided to teach me to hunt, at least I think that was the intention. Fred probably thought I was a soft cat. Hanging out in the house all day, never hunting in the backyard, and I suppose Fred figured that if she had to be seen with me that she should make me a little more presentable. So, she went from dead and semi dead to live gifts. In other words, down the chimney Fred would come with a live bird, squirrel, mouse, bring it right to my desk, look at me, probably thinking. … “Okay, Stupid. I’m gonna let this go and you’re going to catch it. I can’t keep feeding you. You have to learn to hunt” … or something like that. And then, Surprise! Fred let the Bird, squirrel, mouse go.

Oh, what fun, what joy, tearing around the house trying to catch the bird, squirrel, mouse. I’m not making this up, so I found it amusing when Fred began his Turkey troubles. Seemed like pay back to me, like the little birds had called up their bigger cousins.

The Turkeys believe the back yard and the woods are theirs. These are not little Turkeys these are huge full-grown Turkeys. Big, and not like the Turkeys at the A&P. These suckers still got heads, beady eyes, wings that can fly, feathers, the whole nine yards.

Have you ever seen twenty-five or thirty pounds of bird fly? The whirring of their wings sounds unreal. Heavy. Like a chopper is about to land. The first time I heard it I thought it was a helicopter far away. Nope, four huge Turkeys dropping out of the sky to land next to the window and eat the bread Mom put out. I jumped about three feet straight up in the air when I saw them.

So, I’m not really sure what started it with Fred and the Turkeys. One day they just decided they were going to eat Fred. She probably looked a lot better than the bread, so Mom opens the door, Fred walks out leisurely, like she owns the yard, like she has all day, and then WHIRRRRRR, thirty-pound birds dropping from the sky and Fred ran for the shed.

Mom had shut the door, but she yanked it open and sprang into action. Funny? Mom is… Let’s say older and leave it at that… but she is no slouch, and no one eats her cats without her permission. Broom in hand Mom went after the Turkeys who pretty much had Fred cornered at the edge of the house, she couldn’t get to the shed and couldn’t get back to the house.

Mom is about this high. (I was holding my hand up, sorry you couldn’t see it, but I am no fool). Do not tell a woman’s true age, and don’t make remarks about her height or lack thereof. Let me just say this; If the Turkeys had thought to stand on one anothers’ shoulders they may have been able to hold her off, snatch up Fred, and make their getaway. But they didn’t and they could not stand against the broom wielding woman who is my mom.

I guess the Turkeys just looked at it like shopping…

“Heeeey, Billllly, is that a cat down there?” whirrrrrrrrrrr

“Yup. Looks like it, Brian.” whirrrrrrrrrr

“I was just going for eggs and cheese, but cat would go good too…” whiiiiiirrrrrr

That was round one. I slept through it. The next day Mom put the bread out again. I said, “But, Mom. The Turkeys tried to eat Fred!”

“Honey that was just because I didn’t put enough bread out there for them. We have this half loaf of wheat bread that’s gone bad.”

“We just got that two days ago!”

“Goes bad fast.”

You can’t argue with Mom. I looked at it like a Turkey payoff. But she put the bread out and the Turkeys didn’t show up. We both wondered about it for a while but eventually the day went on and we forgot.

Fred gets in and out on her own most of the time, right into the utility room, up the old chimney and under the roof eves and she’s out. But now that Fred is pregnant, she prefers the door. Probably smart since she is about as wide as she is long now. So, I let her out about an hour later. The door wasn’t even closed before I heard the whirring and the biggest damn birds, I’ve ever seen that close up dropped from the sky. I was no help; I froze like a deer caught in the headlights. The only thing that helped was that I froze and left the door slightly open and Fred darted back in. The Turkeys saw me, glared at Fred and then took off. I could have sworn the one Turkey called Fred a Bitch as he flew away. Gangsta Turkeys these were.

I learned a few things though. First, Turkeys do make Gobbling sounds. They sound like some fat guy sitting in the brush with a shotgun doing a bad Turkey call. Exactly like that. In fact, I’m pretty sure the fat guy did a better job than the Turkey did. Second, these Turkeys are not kidding. The last two days in a row I’ve gone out and they’ve been camped out in the pines, thirty feet up, waiting for my Fred cat. Where’s the fat guy with the shotgun when you need him? He could probably call those Turkeys right to him and BLAM!

Okay, so we have to be careful. We have no fat guy with a shotgun and the Turkeys know it. I feel like I’m living in Australia surrounded by dingos and Olivia Newton John. And Fred is so pregnant she can’t run fast, so I have been resorting to Turkey raids. I fling open the door, run out and rush at the trees with the kitchen broom. But I nearly gave the old lady next door a heart attack and I just couldn’t stand to listen to the Turkeys up there in the pines gobbling at me. It sounded like laughter… Anybody know a fat guy with a shotgun I could hire??? There’s a free Turkey dinner in it! … Gobble, gobble, gobble….

Here is a free Audio story for you and Merry Christmas to you too!

The last ride. This is a true story (


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The last ride is a true story based on my years driving Taxi. I did change a few names, other than that this is a true story read by myself. #Geotrue #nonfiction #audicast #taxi #cab #Death #Ride #Fare Dell & Amber Smith


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