Month: January 2019


Seventeen stories from Dell Sweet, from True stories to horror. MISTER BOB: A little girl awakens screaming in the night, convinced that someone she calls Mister Bob has come to her window in the middle of the night… #Horror #ShortStories

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The black consumed everything. Sound… Light… Color… Thought… Air… Life… Feelings and pain; and sometimes when it happened I wished it would just go on forever. Just blackness forever. Rest. Sleep. Peace of mind. #ScienceFiction #Armageddon

White Trash

White Trash: “Then the cops showed up… I came out of the woods when the cops got here. You didn’t see me ’cause you were talking to one of them…” She looked back at him and held his eyes with her own. “You mad?” she asked after a few moments.


White Trash: Two young kids find themselves on the run from the cops, the bad guys, and everyone else after they steal 14 millions dollars and take off for Mexico… #Crime #Fiction #Urban


DREAMER The physical me struggled to breath. Fingers clawing, twisting the sheets in fists. I drew another deep breath and my spiritual self ceased to exist. I slammed into my body, and the panic, fear, sweat, smells, light all flooded into me #SciFi


They stopped beside the grave, and silence once again took the night, no sounds of breathing, no puffs of steam on the cold night air. Zombie Book Three:


Copyright 2018, Wendell Sweet, all rights reserved Private Investigations Nine Fifty-Nine A.M. I lowered my wrist to my side, settled myself back into the shadows of the treeline and raised my binoculars to my eyes. I swept the back deck and rear entrance, shot across the fence to the next house in line: Nothing; and […]

Alabama Island

Alabama Island. Alabama Island is a new society that rises from the ashes of the old… These are the people who build it… Alabama Island:

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